vincent van gogh / red vineyards / oil on canvas

Proported to be the only image Van Gogh ever sold.

Vincent Van Gogh was a large influence on my early painting.  I was drawn to his intense colors and bold brush strokes.   I copied his mature works the way most new artists copy work from artists they admire.   We are trying to feel the style of the admired artist and try to get into seeing the world through their eyes.  This is a very useful technique when you are learning how to paint.  It certainly proved to md that Painting is much different from photography... the other media I was heavily involved with.   My painting is abstract and my photography is real in that it sees light, but also unreal in that it sees more infrared light then visible light which creates an form of abstraction all it's own. 

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Jackson Pollock probably the most famous abstract exressionist painters


I did a long paper on Jackson Pollock and his work when I was in graduate school. He was a difficult person...struggled with himself most of his life with psychological demons. Probably his biggest issue was chronic alcoholism which eventually finished him wth a fatal traffic accident at the peak of his career. On the plus side, he was a very creative artist who seemed to want to equate the art he made with doing a sort of dance while applying color in a rythmic way.

He certainly blazed the way for many of us with the attention he got in NYC art circles with work in the late 1940's and 1950's. He liked to paint on the floor of an old barn he rented in Long Island, NY. He would just unroll some canvas on the floor and start painting. They were very large.

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Andy Worhal images

I was in my 20's and working as an acquisitions editor the West Village at Macmillian publishing Company. Andy's Factory Studio was only about 7 blocks away. It was an exciting time to be in New York. The museums were full of abstract expressionist artists and Andy had started Pop Art movement about 10 years earlier. The late 1960's and early 1970's were exciting times and pivotal years to the second half of the 20th century in the United States. Andy's partially painddinal and had more of an influence on my painting than my photography.


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David Hockney painting a mural...


I first discovered David Hockney in an exhibit in NYC when I was random walking to galleries up near 59th street. His photography was stunning and his image of the Brooklyn Bridge made up of probably 200 small photos was an amazing feat coming before the digital age. Later I found his painting. I very much liked his bold colors like the German expressionists before him and the fauves in Paris.

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